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    Changchun Huili Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It is the earliest and most professional manufacturer in vitro diagnostic reagent in Northeast China. In addition it is the research and development base of in vitro diagnostic reagent.

    Huili Company is an enterprise specialized in scientific research, production and sale. Since the establishment we have development various kinds of creative in vitro diagnostic kit such as carbon dioxide combining power testing kit, AFU, FTS, TBA, MAO, GLDH and etc.

    Our company always keeps the enterprise tenet of “top grade and brand new technology, and be perfect”. Based on the principle of society and customer oriented, we constantly provide users with superior quality products.

    In over 20 years’ market competition, Huili brand remains invincible by mature marketing team, superior quality products and complete after sale service. We do believe we can create brilliant future with new and old customers by uninterrupted endeavor and efforts.

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