The Agora Financial – Media Buying Bootcamp 2018 (GB)

The Agora Financial Media Buying System

"The Never Revealed Before System Responsible For QUADRUPLING Their Business And Generating 4,000+ New Customer Sales PER DAY!"

Dear Friend,

I’m going to make this quick and easy.

It’s simple…

Agora Financial is the 800-pound gorilla in the world of direct response marketing. The Top Dog. The best of the best.

Over the past three years, they’ve basically quadrupled their annual sales.

Today, their advertising generates up to 80,000 website visitors every day. Up to 4,000 new customer sales every day. And about a million-dollars of revenue every forty-eight hours or so.

And, here… today… right now…

You have the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to put their entire traffic generation, media buying, and customer acquisition system into your business.

Let The Little Guys Use
Little Guy Traffic Methods!

You’re a player. You want to scale big. And you want to do it fast.

[Note: If that doesn’t describe you, you shouldn’t be reading this. This is NOT for newbies, beginners, or small thinkers. If that’s you, please pass on this offer.]

The traffic methods and tactics and hacks talked about and taught within the mainstream internet marketing community ain’t how the big dogs play the game.

I know… cause I’m the go-to marketing consultant for most of them.

My name is Todd Brown.

If you’ve been in the marketing game for any length of time, you know who I am.

If not, I won’t bore you with the details about all the magazines and newspapers I’ve been featured in, or why the most well-known and accomplished entrepreneurs and marketers come to me for help. Just Google my name.

This page… this offer… is about YOU! About your business, your income, and how the Agora Financial Traffic System can multiply it bigger and faster than anything else on the planet.

And I’m dead serious.

With their system, you’ll have…

The Power and ability to turn on
as much traffic as you want,
whenever you want!

Profitable traffic, too.

Not garbage traffic of unqualified folks who don’t buy.

Buyer traffic! 

And, frankly, with the Agora Financial Traffic System… it’s likely you’ll see more buyer traffic than you even know what to do with right now.

If you think I’m joking or exaggerating or hyping this up, you just don’t know enough about Agora Financial or how sought-after their traffic system is.  (Which… could be an indicator you’re not ready for this offer. Maybe. We’ll see.)

See: Their system soaks-up and scales traffic from multiple traffic channels and sources at the same time.

  • So, you get more and more new customer sales every day. Like, A LOT more…
  • So, your business starts cranking-out more profits from all the new customers going in to your backend…
  • And, so… you have lots of extra cash flow and the traffic volume to scale your sales and traffic even more. Scaling your business. Scaling your profits.

And scaling your income in the process.
And on and on the cycle will go… and GROW… for you.

You’ll see, firsthand, you’ll finally have that monster traffic you’ve only heard about, but never experienced.

We’re not talking about a system to produce sprinkles of traffic. We’re talking about a system that drenches you with new buyers every day.

Why Is Agora Financial Allowing Me To
Award These 400 Copies?

Agora Financial is growing like a weed.

They’ve been for some time now.

And, besides not having enough copywriters, their biggest constraint is a lack of media buyers trained to deploy their system.

So, plain and simple…

AF desperately wants and needs more media buyers they can train, to continue to pump even more traffic for them.

That’s why they allowed me to pay a few thousand bucks for a videographer to spend the month in Baltimore filming their entire traffic generation, media buying, and customer acquisition training. 

Because, by offering the recordings to a few hundred people, we can immediately identify a group of people serious about mastering MASSIVE traffic generation. 

And, the hope is, by awarding these 400 copies of their complete Traffic System training, at least two or three buyers will turn into wildly successful media buyers for them.

What You Get With The
Agora Financial Traffic System!

Full access recording bundle from the month-long internal Agora Financial traffic generation, media buying, and customer acquisition training!
Everything you could want to know — and MORE — about how the best in the world scales their traffic and new buyer sales, is covered.

==> Offer creation… conversions… funnel structure… ad design… campaign optimization… metrics… media selection… targeting… research… testing… pixels… legal… budgeting… copy… you name it. 

It’s ALL in here!

Not a single stone was left unturned because they were training their own team.

Every piece of their system is laid bare for you.


And that’s not all…

You also get to hear from two incredible special guests AF brought-in on day five — two young guys who became one of the top media buyers on all of Facebook in about 9 months.

Listen as these young guns breakdown how they generated 70,000 new customers for Agora Financial. It’s insane!

You get everything in one sweet bundle:

* The full one month syllabus
* 12 days of HD video recordings
* Entire set of their Traffic System handouts
* Full audio recordings of everything
* Bonus articles and exercises
* Internal worksheets and guides


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The Agora Financial – Media Buying Bootcamp 2018 Contains: Videos, PDF’s, Audios

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Robin Sharma – Your Productivity Unleashed

End Up Being an Efficiency Powerhouse

Your Productivity Unleashed

” The outcomes have actually been remarkable. The energy levels are extraordinary. We did record sales.

I would actually suggest everybody to follow the concepts you teach.”

Welcome to YOUR PRODUCTIVITY UNLEASHED, Robin’s 4 video online training program that will reveal you how to reclaim control of your time and your life.

Based on advanced clinical research study on peak efficiency along with emerging details on how the very best professional athletes, service titans and innovative geniuses accomplish all they accomplish along with all of Robin’s experience with the very best of the very best “in the trenches”, in the 4 videos he’ll stroll you through a total performance system and his sophisticated time-tactics that will change the outcomes you see.

Members of this program have actually reported huge enhancements in their focus, efficiency and total performance. Really, all of it works so well Robin recommends some days you do not do whatever you’ll discover so you offer your brand-new superhuman method of carrying out a little benefit.

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Robin Sharma– Your Productivity Unleashed: Videos, PDF ´ s

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Mikkelsen Twins – Audiobook Income Academy

Take Advantage of the NEW Audiobook Wave and Discover

Step-by-Step How You Can Build Your Own Online Audiobook Business

That Makes You Thousands of Dollars in Passive Income Every Month

Christian Mikkelsen

Rasmus Mikkelsen

About United States

Christian and Rasmus are 23 years of age twins (and buddies) that have actually been full-time online entrepreneur and business owners since their college leave days.

They started developing their online companies while at college and as quickly as they were making sufficient cash to spend for living, they left (with 4.0 GPAs), loaded their bags and moved overseas to Thailand.

Between the 2 of them, they have actually released over 150 audiobooks over the period of 2 years. With their audiobook companies making passive earnings in the background, it provides time to make YouTube videos full-time, offer training for their trainees and deal with opposite tasks.

Their online companies have actually provided the flexibility to genuinely live their dream life. In the meantime, that is circumnavigating the world living anywhere they desire for as long as they desire, while doing whatever they desire.

What’s Inside?

Module 1: How to Get the Right Mindset and Guarantee Success with Audiobook Income Academy

Module 2: Setting Up your Passive Audiobook Publishing Business

Module 3: How to Find High Demand and Low Competition Niches and Topics for your Audiobooks with EASE

Module 4: How to Outsource for the Highest Quality Books at the Lowest Prices

Module 5: How to Easily Create Your own Audiobooks that will Sell for Years

Module 6: Getting Your Audiobooks Ready for Production (Step-By-Step)

Module 7: Elite Pricing Strategies for Maximum Sales and Huge Profits

Module 8: How to Get Professional Audiobook Narration at the Lowest Prices

Module 9: Easy Methods to Gather Reviews and Market Your Audiobooks

Module 10: How to Add the Biggest Source of Income and Make it Super Passive

FREE Bonus Lessons Included!

50+ Lessons and Over 8 Hours of In Depth Training

Lesson 1: The Mindset You Need for Success

Lesson 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson 3: How To Diversify and Build a Complete Self Publishing Business

Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Accounts

Lesson 5: Audiobook Niches to Avoid

Lesson 6: The Most Profitable Audiobook Niches to Publish In

Lesson 7: Introduction to Keyword Research

Lesson 8: Keyword Research Strategy # 1

Lesson 9: Keyword Research Strategy # 2

Lesson 10: Keyword Research Strategy # 3

Lesson 11: Keyword Research Strategy # 4

Lesson 12: Keyword Research Strategy # 5

Lesson 13: How to Create Massively Profitable Audiobook Bundles

Lesson 14: How to Find Low Competition Keywords for You to Dominate

Lesson 15: How to Find Talented Writers for a Low Price

Lesson 16: How to Create the very best Title for Maximum Exposure

Lesson 17: How to utilize Your Pen Name to Rank

Lesson 18: How to Create Best Selling Book Covers

Lesson 19: Translated Audiobooks

Lesson 20: How to Write Your Own Audiobooks

Lesson 21: Ideas for Audiobooks You can Write Yourself

Lesson 22: Pricing Strategy for Maximum Profit

Lesson 23: How to Find the very best Narrators

Lesson 24: How to Promote Your Audiobooks

Lesson 25: How to Gather Reviews for Audiobooks

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Mikkelsen Twins– Audiobook Income Academy: Videos, PDF ´ s

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Foundr – The Ultimate List Building Bundle


Skyrocket your sales with these TWO value-packed programs! Presenting …

The Fastest Way We’ve Ever Found To Grow Your Email List, Scale Your Business, And Take Complete Control Of Your Future …



Fellow Entrepreneur, After dealing with more than 1,000+ business owners here at Foundr– individuals like Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Brene Brown and Richard Branson– when it concerns note structure, we’ve never ever seen anything like this.

If you presently have any sort of participation in constructing a service …


Whether it’s an e-commerce shop, digital firm, brick-n-mortar retail store, expert services, SaaS, or perhaps if you’re still finding out your side hustle …

Every sort of company you can possibly imagine can create higher earnings quicker by using the tricks of a master list contractor.

If you simply have a concept you’re desiring to see and confirm where it goes …



We understand of no other individual with more hands-on experience, who’s constructed an 8-figure business around the techniques he shares, and who’s likewise assisted others develop enormous, extremely lucrative lists, than the creators you’ll satisfy listed below.

By making this a leading concern …

This one company structure ability can change your company, bank, and life declarations more significantly than anything else we understand of.

You see, some individuals “believe” they have a service, while all they actually have is an advertisement that simply occurs to be transforming at the minute. Which might alter by early morning.

But by constructing a list, you’ll have a genuine company …

One that’s untouched by any algorithm modifications, personal privacy surprises, and anything else ensured to come your method.

Generating profits, security, and self-reliance for you day in and day out.

And the even much better news? It does not need to be made complex. :


We’ll reveal you how to rapidly grow your list without “attempting whatever” and experiencing “technique overwhelm” …

How you can grow your list well beyond 100,000customers utilizing a single method …

And how you can grow it on auto-pilot without even needing to consider it!

The outcomes remain in! The R.O.I on e-mail beats social networks and paid advertisements by over 4x!

The Top 3 Reasons To Build Your List And Never Worry About Money Again


Ask any influencer or entrepreneur who’s hung out constructing their audience on Facebook and Instagram … what occurs when the powers in charge choose to alter the algorithm?

Do they seek advice from you on it? Do they lose sleep thinking of the time, loan, and years of energy you’ve put into constructing your audience on their platform?

That’s a joke?

Like a burglar in the night they make their modifications and your whole company pays the cost. What occurs to your natural reach, sales, and even your way of life?

Shoot, it does not even need to be an algorithm modification. What occurs when advertisement accounts get closed down, or even worse … individuals just leave the platform you worked so tough to produce an audience around?

With e-mail, you really own the media. It’s yours. You’re the one in control.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube might all close down tomorrow and within a couple of minutes you might tap off a fast e-mail to your list of 15,000customers and have them begin following you anywhere it is you went. It’s the supreme company insurance coverage.

2. IT’S A.

Your clients and potential customers currently anticipate deals to be made through e-mail. They’re utilized to making purchases through this medium and are currently in a purchasing mindset inside their inbox.

Inbox frame of mind is far various than “feline videos” social networks frame of mind.

While it’s still possible to transform paid traffic (we do it all the time), dollar for dollar there’s no contrast. Your list transforms more affordable, simpler, and faster than any other media source you do not own.

That’s why numerous services’ sole marketing objective is to simply get the opt-in, since they understand just how much more “greased” their marketing efforts can be to their own internal list.

Smart entrepreneur take individuals off of social and onto their list where they’re shown to purchase.


In the internet marketing world, it’s relatively well developed that every one of your e-mail customers deserves (at least) $1 per customer monthly. That’s considering you’re really emailing and “working” your list.

So if you have a list of 10,000customers, that’s $10,000monthly.

While it’s not constantly about amount of customers– if it was, spammers would be billionaires– usually, when you develop your e-mail list utilizing the best techniques, that’s about the minimum to anticipate. $1 per customer monthly.

There’s really absolutely nothing as effective as an audience whose given you approval to market to them, who you can interact with on-demand, for cents per e-mail.

Need to make tax payment? Send out e-mail.

Want brand-new watch? Send out e-mail.

Want to confirm the launch of a brand-new item? Send out e-mail.

If you wish to make more loan online month after month, concentrate on growing your list. It’s that easy.



In this module you’ll discover the effective basics which will alter the method you grow your e-mail lists permanently.

Stuart holds absolutely nothing back and even share’s his well-known “List Growth Formula” providing you whatever you require to “copy” his outcomes.

THE FOUNDATION: Stuart’s “List Growth Formula” he’s utilized to create over a billion online leads!
THE POWER OF LIST BUILDING: A tested procedure to naturally grow your sales as you grow your list.
TRAFFIC METRICS THAT MATTER: Master marketing mathematics as Stuart teaches you the couple of traffic metrics that really matter!


Module 2 is everything about the particular techniques you can utilize to grow your list to 1,000customers and more.

Just among these concepts can be accountable for including countless brand-new decide ins and brand-new clients to your company.

QUICKEST WAYS TO BUILD YOUR LIST: 11 simple to execute techniques any company can utilize to instantly grow their list.
PROPERLY TO LEVERAGE BLOG CONTENT: How Stuart utilized a single blog site to grow his list from 1,000to 50,000and how you can follow his specific procedure.
INCENTIVIZING YOUR ENTIRE SITE: How to develop “evergreen” rewards into your whole website to develop your list on auto-pilot.


Going a lot more in depth, Module 3 takes you into the innovative techniques that can move the size of your list to the next level.

REFERRAL MARKETING AND VIRAL CAMPAIGNS: How to establish simple to utilize recommendation marketing tools to assist your promos go viral.
EVERYTHING ABOUT POP-UP TIMING: When to reveal your appear and how to tailor the timing based upon your visitors habits.
GROWING YOUR LIST WITH PAID MEDIA: How to utilize Facebook paid ads (even if you’ve never ever done it prior to) to create brand-new customers day after day.


In this module Stuart reveals you what to do to continue scaling your company the proper way while likewise preventing a few of the most typical risks most business owners make along the method.

SCALING THE RIGHT WAY: The specific plan for getting to 1,000,000customers even with a little group.
THE “DO NOT DO THIS” LIST: 6 “do not” rules to keep your company out of problem.
KEEPING A HEALTHY LIST USING PROPER FOLLOW UP: Everything you require to learn about optimizing your e-mail customers’ life time worth.

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Foundr– The Ultimate List Building Bundle: Videos, PDF ´ s

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Eric Worre – How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days

Recruiting is The Most Important Skill You Must Master in Network Marketing

Struggling to get in front of individuals and present your chance is among the greatest challenges many people in Network Marketing face.

And it is likewise the most crucial one to conquer. With my detailed Master Class, you will provide your chance to more potential customers by finding out how to hire efficiently,

increase & & replicate your efforts, and accelerate your success in the next 30 days!