Robert Charles – Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs

Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur or do you have an entrepreneur mindset?

Have you tried building a business or starting a side hustle but can’t
seem to get it off the ground?

Do you understand the simple concept of buy low and sell high?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you would become successful as a Phone Flipping Entrepreneur.

Using our proven comprehensive web-based training system and step by step modules, we can make you $100 profit in 24 hours and grow you to $100-$300 a day within weeks.


Current Student TESTIMONIALS

Just bought my first phone at a negotiated price for 50$ locally through the suggested apps from the course! I’m about to sell on eBay for $150-$200. Well worth the two hours spent! Big thanks to Robert Charles for helping me through the process! Highly suggest this course!

Landon Murray : The techniques & skills that I learned from Rob’s course allowed me to work literally 4 hours per week and allowed me to sustain an income while being in school full-time.

Ryan Basco:  ​Thanks for making me see a new way to generate another stream of income Rob Quarantello. Trying to hit 2K before the month is up!

John Paul : Average Sales of my top students per month 


Get Our Top Tips To Making $100-$300 Tomorrow

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Robert Charles – Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs: Videos, PDF´s

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Spencer Hawes – Organic Traffic Formula

Learn the Battle-Tested Strategies to Build and Rank Your Website

on the First Page of Google and Make Real Money Online

Not Getting the Traffic You Want?

You aren’t alone.

Do you have a website that just isn’t seeing the results you want or getting the traffic from Google you’d expect?

Through, Long Tail Pro, and courses I’ve created, I’ve worked with hundreds of website creators struggling with the same problem.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You wake up anxious because you are going to check your analytics even though you know your traffic hasn’t gotten any better since yesterday.

The worst thing is you don’t know why you aren’t getting any traffic.

Where is the Google love!?

You don’t understand why your traffic isn’t growing. You do the work, write the articles, use the right plug-ins, do keyword research, but never see an increase in traffic.

Inside Organic Traffic Formula, I’m going to show you exactly what has worked for me.

I spent YEARS trying different strategies that didn’t get me the I wanted.  Now I’ve discovered what works on a regular basis, let me share with you my organic traffic system for building profitable websites.

Discover the Power of Long Tail Keywords

Did you know that 70% of all organic traffic that comes from Google results from Long tail keywords?

I didn’t at first.

At first, I spent fruitless years trying to rank in Google for terms that were competitive, got high search volume, or keywords that I thought for sure would bring in the big bucks.

On the surface, it made sense. If I could tap the vein of those big numbers, I thought I would make cool cash day in and day out.

When I finally stopped letting the dollar signs blind me, I was able to adjust my strategy. I shifted my focus to trying to rank for small terms that were easy to rank on the first page of Google.

I started to get a trickle of traffic, then lots of trickles. These trickles quickly added up to a massive flow of traffic.

In a short period I had enough Google traffic to make me $10,000 a month from Google Adsense alone.

Fast forward to today.

I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve built hundreds of successful sites. I know one key thing.

Traffic isn’t something you luck into.  You have to have a plan and the ability to execute a systematic approach.

In order to scale my little operation I knew I needed to build a system I and others I hired could follow that targeted these long tail keywords and drove loads of organic traffic from Google.

I created a system to do that, and it worked.

The thing that excited me about my strategies was that it could be applied to just about ANY type of online business to rank in Google and get that highly coveted organic traffic.

As a result, I’ve now built several successful businesses outside of just niche site thanks to organic traffic from Google.  These businesses include a well-known blog, a SaaS company, and an eCommerce business.

The Module Road-map: A Quick Module By Module Glance Of What You Will Learn

How do websites get traffic?
Website Strategy Overview
How do websites make money?
6 Month Growth Strategy
How to Rank in Google
The Long Tail Keyword Strategy

Niche Selection 101
Keyword Sampling to Find a Niche
Understanding Google Page 1 Competition
Find Your Dopplegangers
Tools to Help Verify Your Niche

Branding & Domain Selection
Picking A Host
Hosting Setup
How To Setup WordPress For Success
Best Plug-Ins To Increase Site Performance
Best Affiliate Plug-Ins To Increase Earnings

Keyword Research Building Blocks
The Keyword Justice System
Keyword Research Core Formulas
Keyword Research Scoring Spreadsheet
The ‘Robin Hood’ Method
Big Money From One Small Change
Freeword Research

The Alpha Male Content Strategy
Writing The Perfect Title
Article Structure to Maximize Rankings
Content Length, Types, and Templates
Content Scoring Spreadsheet
Optimizing the YOAST SEO Plugin
Affiliate Links, Images, and Tables
The Content Refresh Strategy
The Perfect Affiliate Review Template
The Keyword Cannibalization Killer

Link Building and Outreach Essentials
Broken Link Building
Stealing Competitor Backlinks
Help a Reporter, Get a Link
The Link Magnet (Perfect Roundup)
Creative Link Building Strategies

Organic Pinterest Traffic Engine
Pinterest Automation
Building a Facebook Following and Driving Traffic
Building a Winning Facebook Ad

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Join Today

In-depth Video Training Modules

Gain immediate access to the 7 in-depth video training modules taught by Spencer, Jake, and Jason.  (The full list of all the videos is above). These videos go beyond just theory, and include live examples and everything else you need to build, rank, and make money from your site.

Standard Operating Procedures, Downloadable PDFs, and Checklists

You’ll gain access to my standard operating procedures so that you can know exactly what to do when it’s time to implement what you’ve learned.  Follow these yourself, or turn them over to an employee or Virtual Assistant to implement.  The downloadable PDFs and checklists will keep you on task and remind you of what’s important to see the biggest results.

Keyword and Content Scoring Spreadsheets

I’ve developed a special formula for keywords that you get access to when you join.  The keyword spreadsheet will allow you to know exactly what keywords are worth going after.  This keyword scoring spreadsheet will virtually guarantee that you are selecting the same types of keywords that I would personally choose. The Content Scoring spreadsheet is also a simple step by step process that you can use to ensure that your content is high quality and includes all the elements it needs to rank well in Google.

Behind the Scenes Access to My Private Site Making Over $1,600 a Month

Follow along with this never before revealed niche site case study as I share the actual URL of one of my sites that I’ve built over the past couple of years.  This site does extremely well in Google and can act as a template to follow as you build out your own organic traffic powered website.

Alumni Private Facebook Group

Think you might have a few additional questions after joining Organic Traffic Formula?  The alumni led private Facebook group is a great place to ask those questions.  Other member’s that have joined Organic Traffic Formula will be there to answer your questions and keep you motivated as you build your site.  You’ll also have a chance to connect and network with like-minded entrepreneurs in this group.

Lifetime Membership and Access to All Future Updates

When you join today, you don’t just get access to version 1.0 or 2.0, you get access to all future updates and modules that may come out in the coming years.  Once a member, always a member!  If there are changes in the SEO landscape, you’ll get access to the future videos and training that we add to Organic Traffic Formula.

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Spencer Hawes – Organic Traffic Formula: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 2019

Product Launch Formula is one of those courses well worth going through at least once a year, especially as part of an annual planning phase. Most of the content exists in video, audio and text format (transcripts), so you can consume it in your preferred format. Enjoy.



This is about some of the core elements that make Product Launch Formula so powerful. By the end of this module, you’ll understand the 5 core types of launches (and when to use them), the Sideways Sales Letter, as well as how to use sequences, stories, positioning, and mental triggers to create a great launch.

1 Introduction [4 minutes]
2 Intro to Product Launch Formula [14 minutes]
3 Five Types of Launches [10 minutes]
4 Circle of Awesome [12 minutes]
5 Sequences [11 minutes]
6 Sideways Sales Letter [19 minutes]
7 Launch Conversation [10 minutes]
8 Mental Triggers [17 minutes]
9 The Power of Positioning [7 minutes]
10 The Power of Story [10 minutes]
11 Launch Story Themes [11 minutes]
12 Problem Solution Path [11 minutes]
13 The Alternate Path [4 minutes]


This module covers setting yourself up for success by creating a strong plan and a clear roadmap to follow for your first launch. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to identify your niche, avatar, assets and goals, plus how to build and warm your list.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 Niche Selection [42 minutes]
3 Customer Avatar [25 minutes]
4 Building Your List [13 minutes]
5 Warming Your Cold List [5 minutes]
6 Asset Identification [20 minutes]
7 Your Goals [10 minutes]
8 Your Launch Goals [9 minutes]
9 Your Launch Success Path [20 minutes]


This is an important step that will help you lay the groundwork for your launch. Combined with the Prelaunch, this step is the bread and butter of Product Launch Formula. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to identify what your market wants, craft and refine your offer, and build serious buzz leading into a launch.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 Pre-Prelaunch Strategy [6 minutes]
3 The Pre-Prelaunch Sequence [4 minutes]
4 Identify & Test Your Offer [15 minutes]
5 The Shot Across the Bow [24 minutes]
6 Refining Your Offer [9 minutes]
7 Characteristics of Buzz [11 minutes]
8 Pre-Prelaunch Case Studies [7+15+4 minutes]
9 Pre-Prelaunch Planner [no video]


Your Prelaunch Content (“PLC”), when done right, helps your potential buyers understand the Opportunity, the Transformation, and the Ownership Experience promised by your product. By the end of this module, you’ll know how create each of these pieces of content, how to get people onto your launch list, and what to mail during your Prelaunch.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 The Prelaunch Sequence [5 minutes]
3 Prelaunch Content 1: The Opportunity [15 minutes]
4 Prelaunch Content 2: The Transformation [14 minutes]
5 Prelaunch Content 3: The Ownership Experience [14 minutes]
6 scripting Your Prelaunch Content [7 minutes]
7 Prelaunch Content Walkthroughs [2 hours 44 minutes]
-Nicholas Wilton: Here I walk you step-by-step through the PLC transcripts for Nicholas Wilton’s Launch for his Art2Life course and break it all down for you into the critical components.
-Susan Garrett: This is a walkthrough of a super-successful launch by Susan Garrett for one of her dog agility products. She’s in my Platinum Plus mastermind group, and she’s had incredible success, but she came into Product Launch Formula as a COMPLETE newbie with no list and almost no technical skills.
-Will Hamilton: This is a walkthrough of an excellent launch by Will Hamilton that did over six figures in sales in a niche market – and these Prelaunch videos are a fantastic example of how to do it right. Please don’t be intimidated by the quality of this launch – it was NOT Will’s first launch. The thing to remember is that he was truly struggling when he first joined PLF.
8 Types of Prelaunch Content [8 minutes]
9 Creating Prelaunch Videos [36 minutes]
10 Creating Other Types of Prelaunch Content [8 minutes]
11 Building Your Launch List [13 minutes]
12 Mailing Your Launch List [20 minutes]
13 Launch Metrics [14 minutes]
14 Building your list during launch [19 minutes]


The Open Cart phase is when you finally start taking orders! By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly what you need at every step of the way, from your Open Cart email sequence to how to script your sales video.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 The Open Cart Sequence [19 minutes]
3 Stoked On Selling [16 minutes]
4 Bonus Strategies [16 minutes]
5 Sales Strategies [19 minutes]
6 Creating Your Sales Video [34 minutes]
7 Sales Video Walkthroughs [128 minutes]
8 Sales Page Walkthroughs [10 minutes]
9 Open Cart Planner [no video]
10 Post-Launch Email Sequence [18 minutes]


This module goes more in-depth with Internal Launches and Seed Launches. These are the two primary types of launches that you will want to perfect before moving on. By the end of this module you’ll know which type of launch to use when, and how to plan and execute them.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 Internal Launch Strategies [13 minutes]
3 Internal Launch Timeline [6 minutes]
4 Internal Launch Case Studies [64 minutes]
-Dylan and his partners built a successful business selling physical products on Amazon. They developed a system for wholesaling products, and started teaching their method to other sellers.
-Nicholas is a fine-art artist who has led offline workshops to teach people how to paint. Then he used PLF to bring his workshop online
-Julie practiced psychology in a traditional setting. She wondered if she could take her mental health training online. Her first launch brought in $17,000, and her second launch, three times that.
-Susan does million dollar launches in her dog training niche, without JV partners. You’ve seen her Internal Launch PLCs and Sales Video, now listen to her story – it’s incredible.
5 Internal Launch Planner [no video]
6 Seed Launch Strategies [9 minutes]
7 Seed Launch Prelaunch Plan [7 minutes]
8 Creating a Crushing Offer [12 minutes]
9 Seed Launch Timeline [9 minutes]
10 Creating Your Seed Launch Product [14 minutes]
11 Interviewing Experts on Hyper Seed Launch [10 minutes]
12 Webinars and Summits [12 minutes]
13 Seed Launch Case Studies [126 minutes]
-Tara & David Marino, an AMAZING Case Study of a Seed Launch that only sold 6 units – but it quickly led to a business that did $500,000 (that’s a half-million dollars) in sales!
-Kami McBride was an absolute tech newbie… but did a 5-figure Seed Launch for her course “Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils”. Here you’ll find an interview, case study walkthrough, and swipfile of Kami’s Seed Launch.
-JJ Virgin, author of the NY Times Bestseller “The Sugar Impact Diet” shares how she developed and wrote her book using a Seed Launch and made six figures in the process – before the book was even written
-Erik Solbakken, after 26 years as an accountant he found a surprisingly hungry audience and did his first launch, bringing in $10,000 before even creating his product. In just 10 months after starting his online business, Erik made $220,000 in revenue.
14 Seed Launch Walkthrough [103 minutes]
15 Seed Launch Planner [no video]


This is where you attract, train, and work with partners who will promote your product for you. By the end of this module you’ll be able to take what you learned about the Internal Launch and use it to create a Joint Venture Launch.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 Joint Venture Launch Strategy [10 minutes]
3 Finding Joint Venture Partners [12 minutes]
4 Getting Joint Venture Partners [17 minutes]
5 Preparing Your Partners for Launch [7 minutes]
6 Training and Supporting your Joint Venture Partners [14 minutes]
7 Joint Venture Email Sequence Walkthroughs [28 minutes]
8 Joint Venture Launch Case Studies [43 minutes]
9 Joint Venture Launch Planner [no video]


Now we take your entire Internal Launch sequence and put it on autopilot. By the end of this module you’ll be able to take the concepts and strategies of the Internal Launch and adapt them to the Evergreen Launch.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 Evergreen Launch Strategy [13 minutes]
3 Types of Evergreen Launches [10 minutes]
4 Making Your Launch Evergreen [11 minutes]
5 Scarcity in Evergreen Launches [4 minutes]
6 Evergreen Launch Case Study [9 minutes]
7 Evergreen Launch Walkthrough [5 minutes]
8 Evergreen Launch Planner [no video]


This module is a roadmap for building your business with launches. By the end of this module you’ll know how to build out multiple products and offers to your list with the different types of launches you’ve learned about in Product Launch Formula.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 The Launch Life [19 minutes]
3 Business Launch Strategy [17 minutes]
4 Building a Team [18 minutes]
5 Mental Game and Self Care [13 minutes]
6 Conclusion [3 minutes]



If you’re just starting out in your online business journey, or you’re about to launch a new business, this is how you get started fast so you can start making money quickly.

1 Introduction [14 minutes]
2 Mental Game, Part 1 [20 minutes]
3 First Steps [36 minutes]
4 Tools  [15 minutes]
5 Mental Game, Part 2 [13 minutes]
6 Conclusion [7 minutes]


Learn how to grow and scale your business without working yourself to death.

1 Introduction [17 minutes]
2 How to get Leverage [21 minutes]
3 How to Scale [22 minutes]
4 How to get the Life you Want [14 minutes]
5 Conclusion [8 minutes]


If you’ve ever considered helping other people with their launches – as a Launch Manager, a Launch Consultant, or even as a full business partner – then this will be critical to your success.

1 Introduction [3 minutes]
2 Client Selection [13 minutes]
3 Three Types of Deals [16 minutes]
4 Negotiating [14 minutes]
5 The PLM Model [17 minutes]


If you already have a list, this is a great way to bring in money fast with a story, a few emails, and a deadline.

1 Introduction [2 minutes]
2 Quick Launch Strategies [13 minutes]
3 Quick Launch Case Studies [66 minutes]
-Tax Sale, Go Romance, Wildcraft: Here I have three examples I’m going to walk you through. They’re very different examples, but you’ll see how the Quick Launch can work in a lot of different ways.
-Will Falconer: Here I walk you through Will Falconer’s ebook bundle Quick Launch. This Quick Launch was done for a $25 product, with 6 emails over a U.S. Holiday weekend and ended at almost $9,000 in quick revenue
-Debbie Arambula: Debbie is the “Heart Artist” – she paints hearts, and she’s very successful at it. This is how she uses Product Launch Formula to sell her paintings and prints and includes a story of how she did a Quick Launch to pay for new tires for their RV.
4 Quick Launch Planner [no video]


This is about how to promote other people’s launches as an Affiliate or JV Partner.

1 Introduction [13 minutes]
2 Strategy & Key Considerations [14 minutes]
3 Three Ways to Drive Traffic [15 minutes]
4 Deep Dive: Promoting PLF [27 minutes]
5 Using Bonuses to Boost Sales [23 minutes]


This is all about how to launch your book, PLF-style (a Case Study with Jeff’s NY Times Bestseller, Launch).

1 Book Launch Goals [8 minutes]
2 Book Launch Prelaunch – Part 1 [10 minutes]
3 Book Launch Prelaunch – Part 2 [13 minutes]
4 Bestseller Campaigns [18 minutes]
5 Book Launch Interview with fiction authors Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant [69 minutes]


On this bonus call, we spent 75 minutes crowdsourcing ideas for each other’s lead magnets.

This was one of the most fun and productive sessions… and by just going through the replay and transcript, you’ll leave with at least a dozen new ideas for super effective lead magnets for your own business.


The Sparta Launch is all about selling very high-priced, small-group workshops or retreats via email.

1 The Sparta Launch [14 minutes]
2 The Sparta Panel at LaunchCon with Jeff’s Platinum Plus mastermind members, Erico Rocha, Sebastien Night, and Will Hamilton. [51 minutes]

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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 2019 Contains: Videos, PDF’s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Ruan Marinho – Underground SEO Secrets

advertising clutter

Alright – Let’s get started

Discover A New Level Of Digital Marketing Success By Leveraging The #1 Website In The World … Google.

Hey, I want to work with you

If you’re looking for a solid way to make extra online income, you’ve come to the right place.

…in just in the past year, I’ve dedicated my life to one thing and one thing only…

… Free Local Targeted Traffic!

The truth is – I’ve never paid a penny for traffic. And i’ve redefined my process on video so you can replicate the same.

Businesses will pay you money to bring them leads. Using Google, you can get leads for free

Now – how can this help you?

The Easiest Way

Have you ever wondered, how many people search Google everyday?

Hey, I want to work with you

If you’re looking for a solid way to make extra online income, you’ve come to the right place.

…in just in the past year, I’ve dedicated my life to one thing and one thing only…

… Free Local Targeted Traffic!

The truth is – I’ve never paid a penny for traffic. And i’ve redefined my process on video so you can replicate the same.

Businesses will pay you money to bring them leads. Using Google, you can get leads for free

Now – how can this help you?

The Easiest Way

Have you ever wondered, how many people search Google everyday?


Google traffic simply is the highest converting traffic

And it is free.

Meaning you don’t pay for a visitor… ever

Why is this such a big opportunity?

Simply put, every business need traffic

Regardless of the business model…

With no traffic there are no sales

The truth is every other marketing method for a small business is not sustainable

Why are businesses spending this much money on SEO?

Well, SEO actually works …

Paid advertising deprives local business. It forces you to:

– Seem desperate for customers

– Spend too much money

– Attract the wrong customers, “tire kickers”

No business should not have to rely on paid traffic

They need a predictable lead generation system in place

In fact, the average person see’s 500 advertisements per day

This is called “advertising clutter” (see image below)

Business Finance

This is not a predictable system…

Instead it is a money pit and often results in:

– Dissatisfied clients

– Unreasonable expectations

– Low paying retainers

You see SEO is like planting a seed and growing a tree over time

Paid advertising is like filling a bucket of water with a giant hole at the bottom

You need to keep refilling the bucket to have water

Businesses care about one thing


Regardless if you have fancy business cards, clothes, cars, or a fancy office … they want to see results

It is simply the reason as to why you’re not getting them to accept your offer because you have nothing to show.

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Ruan Marinho – Underground SEO Secrets: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Seth Smith – Advanced Ecommerce Academy

How to start a wildly profitable ecommerce business & scale your store to a 6-figure business

Advanced Ecommerce Academy

Welcome the Advanced Ecommerce Academy™

The Advanced Ecommerce Academy is a proven 9 week online program that will take you from being an absolute beginner to an advanced ecommerce expert.

The program teaches you how to build a wildly profitable 6-figure ecommerce business fast.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Learn at your speed and anywhere in the world

The Advanced Ecommerce Academy™ is available via our e-learning platform and is accessible from any device from anywhere in the world via your Internet connection.

Online learning platform

When joining the Advanced Ecommerce Academy you get access to our whole online platform. We provide the 9 week training in video, so that you can learn in a more engaging format. Each tutorial is easy to follow and jam packed with the most insightful information you will need for this journey. Access the training online from any desk or mobile device anywhere in the world anytime you like.

Program content and schedule

In just 9 weeks, we’ll help you start your own ecommerce business from scratch with more than 100 training videos

Introduction to ecommerce & product research

Week 1 (10 trainings)

The fundamentals of ecommerce and all the terminology you will need to give you a competitive edge.

Understanding and finding a niche that would suit your store.
The secret product research methods we have used to find hot products to generate over 7-figures.

Building your online store for conversions

Week 2 (20 trainings)

The exact steps to build a high converting store from absolute scratch.
The correct approach to setup re-marketing for your store.
The tutorials for setting up your business emails, Google analytics, logo, domain and other requirements.

Facebook ads masterclass

Week 3 (26 trainings)

The fundamentals and terminology of Facebook ads from absolute beginner to becoming an expert.

How to setup your Facebook pixel, leverage audience insights and launch your first ads.
How to setup effective testing, build effective video ads, build audiences and analyse your ads.

Email marketing

Week 4 (11 trainings)

How to get started with email marketing with no prior writing experience.
The essential automated email campaigns to be setup for running a successful ecommerce store.
How to build a lucrative and meaningful long lasting relationship with your customers via emails and how to automate that process.

Instagram influencer strategy

Week 5 (10 trainings)

How to leverage Instagram influencers for a massive ROI and located them fast and effectively.
How to build your stores Instagram presence and how to grow your account into a brand.
How to find Instagram influencers, vet them to check the quality and how to negotiate and close a deal with them.

Instagram advertising

Week 6 (5 trainings)

The difference of Instagram ads and Facebook ads.

How to build and launch effective Instagram ads.
How to build highly lucrative Instagram story ads.

Scaling past $10K/month

Week 7 (10 trainings)

Advanced conversion optimization and basics to scaling your online store pat the $10k per month mark.

How to scale your Facebook ads through our secret strategies and enter into new markets.
How to increase average order value, increase cross selling and leveraging user generated content.

Outsourcing & automation

Week 8 (6 trainings)

How to effectively outsource and automate your customer support so that you can focus on growth.

How to outsource your fulfilment processes.
How to automate your entire ecommerce business to turn it into passive income and you can focus on building more stores.

Branding & growth

Week 9 (7 trainings)

How to brand and take ownership of your hot selling products.

Setting up the fulfilment infrastructure for your own products and use print on demand for other branded items.
How to transition your store to  a brand and how to sell that brand for up to 4x your profit!

SalesPage (more info)  Archive

Seth Smith – Advanced Ecommerce Academy: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Sarah Titus – Best Blogging Bundle

Blogging Bundle


You CAN make great money while working less hours AND keeping your integrity and honesty as a blogger.

This is a compilation of 11 books, 2 binders, and 650+ blogger photos (commercial license).

Many of these books have hit #1 best selling lists. One of the books included sold over 9,200 copies!

This is the best of the best. No wasting your time. This is a get-your-blog-soaring-NOW type of bundle you don’t want to miss.

You will receive:

1) Blogging Binder

You can download and print anytime you need. All months are included and are not year specific, so there’s no need to re-purchase every year like other products, thus saving you money! Get the matching stickers for this binder here.

2) Blogger Stats Binder

You can’t just look at a blogger and compare where they are NOW to where you’re at now. They are ahead of you, so it’s not a fair comparison! This 30-page binder helps you see their entire journey, so you can compare the month you’re in currently to where they were in that same month of blogging. Information collected over the years, directly from the source (income reports, webinars, etc.) Binder includes four top bloggers and goes into detail of their entire blogging journal from start to finish with as much detail as possible. This is what I use to compare my own growth with theirs to see if I’m on the right track or not, and for the first time ever, it’s available to YOU!

3) Make Money Blogging: How to Find Ideas That Are Right For You

With 4,300 copies sold worldwide within its first month of release, this book answers a question that is on everyone’s mind…just how exactly DOES a blogger make money.

4) How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine

Within 12 months of starting my blog, I had nearly a million in traffic and was making $10k/month. This book gives you the roadmap I created to accomplish this and more!

5) How to Work Less and Create Killer Content

The biggest question I get is how I balance life, a highly successful blog, and kids as a single mom. This book goes into great detail on how I work less hours than most bloggers and still create killer content and balance everything in my life!

6) How to Boost Your Alexa Score Organically

This book outlines the exact steps I took to go from an Alexa score of 16,520,410 to 367,728 in less than two months!

7) How to Make Real Money as a Virtual Assistant

You want to make legitimate money from home to help your family. Being a virtual assistant is, in my opinion, the EASIEST, fastest, and funnest way to make money in the blogging world.

8) Finding Your Why: The Life-Changing Process to Find Meaning

This is one of the most valuable books in this whole bundle. Whether you’ve been blogging a long time or are just starting out, you’ve never heard this information that is so key to building an empire right out of the gates! It is the secret to my success and no one teaches it correctly online!!!

9) Tools for Building a Solid Foundation

There are sneaky ways of getting traffic that you don’t even know. Things you can do without trying. All the tricks and tools that you NEED in order to create a success, money-making blog. You can spend a year researching all this info. online, OR…you can grab it all right now in this book and take the fast pass to creating wealth.

10) How to Get People to See Your Content

SEO is not as complicated as everyone seems to make it. This book dives right into all the technical aspects and breaks it down step-by-step to show you how I get over 40,000 pageviews from Google alone, every single month. You’ll also learn what it takes to make a post go viral and what you need to do to truly be seen above all the clutter online.

11) How to Easily Make Money on Your Blog Today

This book dives deep into how to make money from your blog, including ads, sponsors, affiliates, and even products. Once you have this information in your toolkit, you’re ready to rock the world and make money EASILY. Selling becomes second nature, and it all comes from someone who’s been making money selling online for over 20 years!

12) How to Make Money When Blogging is Slow

There are ebbs and flows with ANY business model you choose. In this book, I’ll show you how to plan ahead so you’re always a step ahead of the game and what to do DURING the slow season, so you never fall behind.

13) Why You’re Not Making Money Like the Pro-Bloggers

Written by someone who makes 7-figures a year, there are very distinct things that Pro-Bloggers do that you are most likely missing. But I’m an analytics geek and I love getting to the root of things. Once at the root, I can tell you exactly what the Pro-Bloggers are all doing, that you’re not, and why you’re not making 6 and 7 figures like them.

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Sarah Titus – Best Blogging Bundle: PDF´s, Files

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Paul Murphy – Affiliate YouTube Success


Affiliate marketingSECRET RECIPE #1

“How I’m Able To Rank On First Page Of Both Google And YouTube For Extremely Competetive Products Within 24 Hours”



“How I Am Able To Generate Commisios From Any Affiliate Products Within 24 Hours Of Listing An Item With Absolutely Zero Ad Spend”



“How I DO Not Even Need Any Budget, Software, Websites, Tech Skills, Prior Knowledge or a product of my own and why paid advertising is flawed”


Paul Travels The Globe (In His Pretend Delorean) Coaching His Free Traffic System For Ecommerce, Info Products & Affiliate MarketingDigital marketing

Download Files Size: 2.58 GB

Direct Download Links Below

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Kevin Harrington & Zig Ziglar – Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass 2.0


Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Kevin Harrington & Zig Ziglar – Best A World Class Training Program From Kevin Harrington and Zig Ziglar For People Who Want To Unlock The Sales Secrets Of The Masters And Finally Achieve Their Dreams, Included 7 Secret Sales Vaults, Get A Custom, Printed Guidebook, Work at Your Own Pace, Supported by The Community and Get BONUS

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Kevin Harrington & Zig Ziglar is Powerful A World Class Training Program From Kevin Harrington and Zig Ziglar For People Who Want To Unlock The Sales Secrets Of The Masters And Finally Achieve Their Dreams, Included 7 Secret Sales Vaults, Get A Custom, Printed Guidebook, Work at Your Own Pace, Supported by The Community and Get BONUS. Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Kevin Harrington is A world-class training program from Kevin Harrington and Zig Ziglar for people who want to unlock the sales secrets of the masters and finally achieve their dreams. We all have dreams of wanting, More time to invest with your family, More financial freedom to focus on what matters most to you, To make a significant difference in the world You can finally realize your own most significant dreams by harnessing the power of selling, because Your Dream Desserve to Time Coe True. The Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class, Skyrocket Your Sales and Master The Sales Close. The Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class is for anyone who wants to sell more of anything. Kevin Harrington, original shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank, unlocks the sales secrets of the masters in this guided learning experience with the master of sales masters, Zig Ziglar. The Master Class features vintage video of Zig Ziglar only recently re-discovered and not available to the general public, plus many of Kevin’s own secrets to sales success. A lot of people can sell, but only the best can close consistently. Now participants can learn how to use the secrets the masters use to master the entire sales process and close deals every day. These are the exact same skills and techniques that helped Mr. Ziglar become the #2 salesman in an organization with over 7,000 salesmen!
How Does the Course Work? Enrollees will unlock 7 Secrets Sales Vaults (modules) over the course of 7 weeks. Kevin will walk them through the step-by-step process of finally achieving breakthrough selling success. He’ll be joined by the great Zig Ziglar via engaging video footage. Kevin will add power-packed insights and share real stories from behind the scenes of his own success via engaging Q&A interview formats with course facilitator, Michelle Prince. 5 billion reasons this works, The secret behind infomercial success. One of the most iconic sales platforms in our culture is the infomercial. Laugh all you want, but almost everyone has seen one and almost everyone has been tempted – at one point or another – to order that set of knives, that new exercise machine or some gadget to make everyday life easier. “But wait there’s more…” has become part of the fabric of our culture. Why? Because it works. You may know Kevin Harrington from the hit television show, Shark Tank, but before he was a Shark, he was one of the early pioneers of the infomercial. That’s right, he pioneered “but wait, there’s more!”. Kevin took sales secrets and techniques from the likes of Zig Ziglar, combined it with his own experience and used it to sell over $5 Billion (yes, with a “B”) in products — much of it through infomercials. And now Kevin is revealing his secret Sales Success Cheat Sheet — for FREE! Kevin says that every single successful sale follows this 3-step process — and he had 5 Billion pieces of evidence to back that up! If you want to get your idea, product or service in front of more people, do what the masters do. Get the cheat sheet today, along with a simple fill-in-the-blank worksheet so you can customize Kevin’s 3-step process to your unique idea, product or service. Get Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Kevin Harrington now!

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Zig Ziglar is very powerful. The sales masterclass is now live. OK, I gotta make this real quick. Kevin Harrington just opened up access to his Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass. This course is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It features Kevin, the Original Shark from Shark Tank and the man who has done more than $5 BILLION in sales in his lifetime. But it also features never-before-seen content from Kevin’s mentor, Zig Ziglar. In his lifetime, Zig impacted more than 250,000,000 people and now Kevin is carrying the torch to spread Zig’s message to even more people. Simply put, this is THE BEST sales training on the planet and it can help you explode your business and your overall success. But there’s a catch…Enrollment in the masterclass is only open for a short time. After that, Kevin closes it down to focus on the new students who will experience massive transformation this year. If you’ve struggled with getting in front of the right people to sell your products or services, this masterclass is for you. If you need help overcoming fear of rejection and gaining the confidence and clarity you need to succeed, do not miss this opportunity. If you want to learn how to overcome objections and even use them to your advantage, now is the time to take action. You will get access to the single best sales course on the planet. You will be on your way to a lifetime of business and personal success. And you will be one of only 150 people to possess this rare gem of a book! Sell More in 2018, Even if you don’t like “selling”. It’s no secret that “selling” can feel like the necessary evil of business. We know that sales drive the business. But, we don’t want to be perceived as “the slimy salesperson”. And worst of all, you begin losing faith in sales when. You hear prospects and potential followers “politely decline” your offer again and again. You get tired of promotion after promotion falling flat… even though you’re doing everything “right”. You’re sick of dealing with garbage leads that don’t convert – even after sinking a ton of money into Facebook ads. It is A world-class training program from Kevin Harrington and Zig Ziglar for people who want to unlock the sales secrets of the masters and finally achieve their dreams. We all have dreams of wanting, More time to invest with your family, More financial freedom to focus on what matters most to you To make a significant difference in the world, You can finally realize your own most significant dreams by harnessing the power of selling, because…YOUR DREAMS DESERVE TO COME TRUE. Get Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington now !

FacebookSecrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Kevin Harrington Features :

Course Content The 7 Secrets Sales Vaults
1. The Black Box
2. The Invisible Asset
3. The Genius Approach
4. The Hidden Arts The nuts and bolts secrets here can help you realize the truth at the heart of every sale.
5. The Closer’s Collection.
6. The Grand Reveal.
7. The Dream Team.
– Course Bonuses
– Building the Best You Course
– Successful Sales Psychology
– Turning Objections into Sales
– Professional Closing Techniques
– How to Build a Dream Team You Can Trust
– Making the Most of Your Digital Brand.
– 4 Q&A Group Coaching Calls with Kevin Harrington personally
– Ticket to our awesome Secrets LIVE event
– Exclusive access to the Secrets community
– More Bonuses Announced Later

Who Is Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass Course For?
Zig Ziglar often said that everyone was in sales – even if they did not hold the title of salesperson. Like Mr. Ziglar said, everyone is in sales. Whether it’s selling a product, your idea, helping support your favorite cause or even getting your child to eat their green beans. We are constantly “selling” something.
– People who will gain immense value from the pre-launch and masterclass content include:
– Sales managers and professionals (mortgage, real-estate, automobile, pharmaceutical, insurance, etc)
– Business owners and entrepreneurs
– Anyone who makes a living with digital marketing – or wants to
– Authors, speakers, and platform builders of all sorts
– Anyone who needs to build an audience

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass PRO by Kevin Harrington Benefits :
Yes, you can…
– Confidently and routinely close sales that feel “out of reach” right now.
– Overcome objections to your prices without being pushy or feeling like a jerk.
– Create a world-class team to finally break through your barriers and enjoy some well-deserved R & R.
– Be part of a community of top performers—all following the secrets that have empowered countless millionaires.

Here’s How Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Works :
– Ready when you are
As soon as you register for the Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class, you’ll be taken inside an exclusive members area. You’ll be able to immediately access the Secrets materials, starting with Vault 1 – The Black Box. The state-of-the-art member portal is available online 24/7 to fit your schedule. Learn from both of us – whenever you want – and through whatever devices work best for you. If you can access the internet – you’re good to go!
– Step-by step training
I’ll walk you step-by-step though the process of finally achieving breakthrough selling success via intimate, engaging video sessions. And I’m joined by the great Zig Ziglar via vintage video footage that simply isn’t available to the general public. We only recently re-discovered a lot of it! You’ll explore 7 Secret Sales Vaults—each one packed with secrets that have produced thousands of millionaires and iconic influencers:
7 Secret Sales Vaults :

1. The Black Box

When you unlock the magic of selling, you’ll discover the approach to selling that instantly sets you apartfrom all your competitors. Over the top success starts here!

2. The Invisible Assets

Super charge your sales by knowing how to leverage your most important asset in sales – YOU!

3. The Gebius Approach

With the Genius Approach you’ll get inside the mind of your prospects and clearly understand why they buy, which make selling almost effortless.

4. The Hidden Arts

The nuts and bolts secrets here can help you realize the truth at the heart of every sale. You’ll learn how to capitalize on that truth to sell more of anything.

5. The Closer’s Collection

Learning how to close effectively is the most powerful thing you can do grow your confidence and get people to commit.

6. The Grand Reveal

It’s time to share your idea, product, or service with the world. This includes getting in front of the right people.

7. The Dream Team

If you’re ever going to realize your greatest dreams, you’ll need a team you can trust. Kevin and Zig show how to get it done!
– And there’s more…
You’ll get a custom, printed guidebook delivered to you as well as other practical, downloadable resources – cheat sheets, templates, scripts – to help you sell your idea, product, or service easier and faster.
– Work at Your own pace
Because it’s always available online, you can choose the pace that’s right for you.
To keep you from feeling overwhelmed, a new Vault (or module) will unlock each week for seven weeks so you can implement what you learn.

Kevin HarringtonKevin will

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Kevin Harrington & Zig Ziglar – Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass 2.0: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Peter Parks – Social Ads For FB Marketing

Now are you ready for the secret facebook sequence you never knew existed (Responsible for Millions over the last 5 years.) great! then click below to watch the video and scroll down the page to watch the case studies of successful clients that will change everything. (Also remember my voice is a bit shot from a bad cold so I hired a professional voice actor to record the video for you.)


Here is Your 5-Module Course Breakdown:


MODULE 1: Formula for Optimization And Scale:

Learn the formula for optimization and scale along with the step by step process Peter and his good friend Nick uses to take any business in any niche market and bring them customers and get results. Master these steps to become a jedi master at lead generation and customer acquisition.

MODULE 2: How To Build A High Ticket Offer Using Paid Traffic.

We’re going to show you the right way to create a full blow hight ticket offer campaign. Afraid of technology? don’t be Peter will literally share his screen along with others with you so you can follow along step by step.

MODULE 3: High Octane Affiliate Offers:

In this module we go over a complete step by step campaign build out with a highly competitive affiliate offer. How do you become the go-to person in your niche? Start by being everywhere that your audience is. So if you understand the methodology behind this you can take the strategies and techniques and run your offers in pretty much any other niche and do it compliantly. Learn how to show up on everyone’s ocial media platform as well for just a few dollars a day.

MODULE 4: Proper Campaign Structure Part 1

Nicholas Kusmish steps in to give you a heads up on how to structure your ad campaigns from the entire level. This is my recommendation to you, take what you learn from Nicholas and I in these videos and run with it. Execution is the key. Now that you know how to create and run a campaign, we’re going to teach you how to manage it, identify key metrics, and calculate the stats that matter.

MODULE 5: Proper Campaign Structure And Optimization Part 2

In part 2 in the 2 part series. Nicholas Kusmish steps it up and goes over structure and optimization at the adset level. When you understand both parts of these modules you will not wonder why Facebook advertisers go through the following…”there’s nothing more depressing on the face of the planet than spending advertising money and having no idea why it isn’t working. We’re going to teach you how to identify where the real problem is and how to fix it so you can turn on the faucet.


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Peter Parks – Social Ads For FB Marketing: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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